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How to Purchase a Great Portable Oxygen Machine

The air we breathe in from the atmosphere consists of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% other gases. An oxygen machine separates nitrogen from oxygen so that the user can inhale over 95 percent pure O2 for therapy purposes. When beginning oxygen therapy, your doctor recommends the type of portable oxygen machine that is best for your needs. From here, you can but a unit depending on your lifestyle needs. Use this guide to select the best portable oxygen machine.

Make sure the warranty is paid attention to. To ensure your oxygen machine is reliable and effective, ask for a warranty as this assures the manufacturer can replace or repair it if an issue arises. Besides, take into account the warranty period to be sure it is long. If you find a less-expensive model but does not come with a warranty, do not buy it because it increases the risk of future expenses of replacing it if it breaks.

Ensure you buy an FAA-approved device. When looking for a portable oxygen machine, consider an FAA-approved one since it is the safest as well as most reliable choice. This is vital if you need to travel using an airplane in that airlines require patients to have FAA-approved machines to qualify to travel with them.

Check the weight. Weights of different portable oxygen machines vary. While you can carry some devices on your back, some need to be wheeled along the ground. A constantly portable oxygen machine has a weight of 17 to 20 pounds and pulse flow portable oxygen machines’ weight is 3 to 10 pounds. You should choose the one you can easily manage on a daily basis.

You should put weight into account. If you need to move a lot, size is a very crucial point to check. You should compare the various options available so as to tell what best matches your needs and lifestyle. In case you require a portable oxygen machine with which you can move everywhere, choose the smallest one or a device that is more powerful. Ensure you check the oxygen output and measurements of every portable oxygen machine then settle on how to move it.

You should check battery life. The duration a battery lasts is determined by the extent to which you utilize your device and how you set it. Should you plan to be away from home a variety of hours, picking an oxygen machine whose battery life is long is crucial. If you will use the device when traveling, consider the one with a battery life that can last two times of the flight time. However, the portable oxygen machine may be heavier as well as less convenient.

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