Iridium acetate is a catalyst containing more than 50% iridium, appearing as a dark green powder. Many are interested in how to recover it, so let me explain the process of recovering iridium acetate.
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Since we are recovering waste iridium acetate, the first step is to separate the iridium acetate from the mixture using a solvent. After extraction, the iridium acetate still contains impurities and needs further purification. After purifying, we need to dehydrate the iridium acetate to obtain high-purity iridium acetate.

To recover iridium from iridium acetate, we need to go through the main stages of dissolution, extraction, and purification. In the dissolution stage, the pre-treated material is mixed with appropriate acids to effectively dissolve the iridium.

Once dissolved, we use a specific extractant that selectively forms a soluble complex with iridium, thereby separating the iridium from the solution. This is a key part of the precious metal recycling process.